Our speaker in January was Donna Nelson of Donna Nelson coaching.  Donna went over the things we do that prevent us from achieving our goals.

She teaches the steps of achieving goals through empowerment.

“The ability to Self Empower is a life skill that is at the core of your success, happiness, and fulfillment.  And it is a skill you already have!  The secret is to learn how to tap into your empowerment, and how to increase your empowerment anytime and anywhere you need it.  When you understand this you discover a greatly increased inner confidence to take on anything!

There are 5 core ingredients to your Empowerment.  If you look at being empowered like ‘being in the driver’s seat’ of your life- you can remember them easily…D.R.I.V.E. your life to success!


D – Delete what is dis-empowering

R – Rule your mind

I – Be Inspired

V – The Vehicle: Goals & Structure

E – Evolve forever

Her presentation went over these tools in detail and was a benefit to all, thank you Donna for sharing!

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