Ida Raypole

Business Name

Jeunesse / Skincare and Fitness products


Jeunesse has a line of Health and Wellness juices made with 19 fruits and no water. No other product sold can make this claim. 100% Pure Fruit and NO Water….Energy drinks that are good for you with 100% daily Vitamin C and 200% each of the four Basic B Vitamins, 3, 5, 6, and 12. The FDA wants us to eat 5-6 fruits and vegetables daily. If you drink 2oz twice a day your getting the equivalent of 13 fruits and vegetables. Now which is easier drinking 4oz daily or trying to eat 13 fruits and vegetables.
Check out for our Fitness program. This site will show you how to get healthy and lose weight by eating right in 8 weeks, portion control, eating 5 times daily and learn about PFC every 3. Many images to show the results.
Jeunesse skincare products are amazing. Instantly Ageless makes you look younger in seconds and Luminesce rejuvenating cream is made with Adult Stem Cell Technology. The before and after images show these products will take years off your appearance.
Call or email me and I will tell you more or visit my website.